Best Ways to Handle an Unexpected Bladder Leak

Best Ways to Handle an Unexpected Bladder Leak

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Public bladder leakage is a common and natural concern among those who experience urinary incontinence symptoms; however, when you’re prepared, sudden leaks are easy to manage and keep private. Whether you are out for a quick errand or have a busy day scheduled, being prepared can help reduce unwanted stress and anxiety sometimes associated with your urinary incontinence symptoms. Check out these top tips on how to handle bladder leaks when they’re least expected.

  • Conceal

When you feel that you have a noticeable spot forming, simply use a cardigan, jacket or additional layer of clothing as a wrap around your waist. This is a quick fix to prevent any unwanted attention before the spot has an opportunity to dry. 

  • Freshen Up in the Bathroom

If you continue experiencing leakage, simply excuse yourself from the group and casually head to the bathroom to rinse off your legs and any other areas for comfort. This will make you feel refreshed, and you’ll be ready to go back to your routine day. 

  • Never Panic 

Panicking is usually one of the least helpful things to do in any situation. Instead, stay calm and focused, and think about your options: can you go to the bathroom, walk to a less crowded area to freshen up or talk to a trusted friend? It’s important to remember that you are never alone when it comes to unexpected leaks, and there are tons of options to manage urinary incontinence symptoms.

  • Wear Wearever Products 

Finally, the simplest and most effective option to managing unexpected leaks is to try Wearever women’s panties or men’s briefs! We have you covered from light to heavy leakage in a variety of products so that you’re always protected, and each style looks and feels like traditional undergarments. 

We can’t wait to help you embrace your confidence so you can get back to living your best life, 24/7/365.