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What Foods to Eat to Avoid Bladder Incontinence

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Have you ever eaten or drank something that caused your incontinence to flare up? There are some foods that just don’t sit well when you are suffering from incontinence. According to Healthline there are many items, such as alcohol, coffee, citrus fruits, tomato based products, and spicy foods, that you should try to limit or completely eliminate from your diet as they can worsen your incontinence. There are other foods, however, that can actually help your bladder health. During these cold winter months, you are likely craving some wine, coffee or citrus based fruits which you might need to limit if not completely cut off. Here is a list of incontinence friendly foods to enjoy all winter long:


  • Corn

Corn is great to boil, roast, or even grill. The Mayo Clinic states that corn is high in fiber and contains magnesium which is known to help reduce spasms of your bladder muscles.


  • Pears

Highly acidic fruits, like lemons, are actually bladder irritants that can cause your incontinence to flare up. When you are shopping go for fruits that have low acid content such as pears.


  • Blueberries & Raspberries

Instead of using lemons to flavor your water, try raspberries or blueberries to add a hint of fruit flavor without the acidity. Raspberries are especially rich in fibers which as Healthline states, gets the bowels moving and reduces pressure that is put on your bladder if constipated. Blueberries are high in antioxidants which can help fight disease and are overall great for your health.


  • Whole Grains

Another great source of fibers are whole grains such as quinoa, oats, and rice. According to the Mayo Clinic, whole grains are linked to a decreased risk of diabetes and heart disease and contain nutrients like vitamin B, iron, and potassium. Try adding quinoa to your salad or make overnight oats to get a solid serving of whole grain in your diet.


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