5 Common myths about incontinence

5 Common myths about incontinence

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For some, opening up and talking about incontinence symptoms can feel like an uphill battle. Often, this causes people with incontinence symptoms to retreat from their daily lives and leave their incontinence symptoms unaddressed. However, urinary incontinence is nothing to be ashamed of, and you can put an end to the stigma around incontinence by helping others understand fact from fiction. Check out these 5 common myths about urinary incontinence, and start spreading the truth!

Myth #1: Few people experience urinary incontinence symptoms

You are not alone in dealing with urinary incontinence symptoms. According to The Continence Foundation of Australia, 1 in 4 Australians suffer from urinary incontinence. Incontinence can have a long-term physical and emotional impact; affecting self-esteem, motivation and independence.

Myth #2: Natural therapies and behavioral changes are ineffective in reducing incontinence symptoms

This is anything but true! There are many subtle behavioral changes that you can make to lessen your leakage. Read more about simple lifestyle choices, like a change in diet or exercise, to help reduce the severity of urinary incontinence.

Myth #3: Bladder leakage only happens to senior citizens

This is one of the more common misconceptions among those who are uneducated about urinary incontinence symptoms. Alternatively, people of any age or gender can experience urinary incontinence, including young adults.

Myth #4: Drinking less water helps control symptoms

Turns out, this is the exact opposite of the truth. Dehydration will only worsen incontinence symptoms! When you drink less water, your urine naturally becomes more concentrated, increasing the presence of bladder irritants.

Myth #5: People notice if others are wearing absorbent underwear

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